Social Media Marketing

Social media started as a means of communication amongst friends, but has quickly developed into something much more. Most modern businesses now recognize that if they are not promoting themselves via the internet, they run the risk of falling behind. Word-of-mouth, newspaper adverts, and magazines simply can not come close to reaching the same amount of people that can potentially be reached by posting on social media platforms. Therefore, SEO and forms of social media advertising are now the most effective ways of growing a company, marketing, and spreading ideas.

Factors to consider when it comes to Social Media Marketing:

As social media has become more and more popular, we’ve seen technology grow along with it. The modern smartphone, for example, allows people to access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on, whenever they want. Anyone who looks around in a public place will see a large percentage of people looking down at their phone, or taking photos to share with people on the web. The audience is clearly there, it’s just a matter of reaching this audience (which we will go over more below).

Although social media is a bit of a controversial subject (since many critique its addictiveness, among other things), there can be no doubt that it is an incredibly useful tool for finding information. Take a look at Facebook, for example. What started as a platform for sharing photos and messaging friends has quickly expanded. Now, you can research a nearby restaurant, find its Facebook page, look at its rating (out of 5 stars), see the menu, and read hundreds of online reviews before deciding if you’d like to eat there. All of this via a single Facebook page. While maintaining a solid reputation is important, the general idea is that the more people that visit that page, the more customers that business will likely have. Check out the quick video below for some tips on how to effectively market yourself on social media:


Social Media Marketing and SEO:

Just because you have a website, Twitter, or Facebook page does not mean that people will find it. Before you can successfully market something, you need to start with a small audience, and then hope it compounds from there. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what determines the order of the sites/links that people see when they Google something, for example. The better the site’s SEO, the more likely that site will be viewed. Indeed, when marketing via the web, you are competing with the other businesses/websites to reach the same audience first.

If doing your own social media marketing seems daunting, there are plenty of specialists that can be hired to market for you. Large operations generally use a whole team of people to make and manage pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc., in order to reach as wide of an audience as possible. While social media marketing certainly requires constant work and creativity, the results will pay dividends. Check out the video below for an in-depth explanation on how to get started with social media marketing:

Top Social Media Websites for Businesses

Social media is now one the best ways to market your business, but which site(s) should you choose? Each social media platform is different, so it can vary depending on your business. Below, we will go over the top four social media websites for effectively  marketing businesses.

  1. Instagram: Despite not having nearly as many users as Facebook, Instagram still hits number one on our list. Why? Well, since Instagram is the most photo/video-oriented social media platform, it’s easy for a business to make a quick pitch or an eye-grabbing visual. It’s particularly useful for companies in the food, fashion, or lifestyle industries. In 2016, Instagram started a shopping trial period, allowing people to shop straight from their Instagram feed. Being the best platform to catch people’s attention with visual content isn’t the only reason that Instagram earns the #1 spot. Using hashtags is another great way to market your business on Instagram. If your business is somehow relevant to hashtags that are currently trending, you are sure to be discovered by many new people.

2.Facebook: With over 1.5 billion users, it’s obvious that marketing on Facebook has great potential to grow the popularity of your business. Facebook has developed many new features over the years, which continue to benefit marketers. The addition of the “Like”  button allows people to see what their peers are interested in, since the “Liked” page will pop-up on their friends’ Facebook newsfeeds. Furthermore, every time a user is compelled to “Share” a post or page, they expose this post or page to hundreds of their Facebook friends. With a Facebook page for your business, you can interact with customers, post information about your business, and build a large following. Whenever someone “Likes” your page, future posts will be shown on their newsfeed. On top of all of this, advertising on Facebook costs less than many of the other social media platforms.

  1. Twitter: Due to retweets, hashtags, and the simplicity of “following”, Twitter has the potential to spread your business like wildfire. It is effective for small start-ups and multinational companies alike. With Twitter, businesses are able to communicate directly with their customers and potential stakeholders. The Twitter page allows businesses to summarize what they are all about, and they can keep everyone up to date by posting daily Tweets. There are quite a few tricks to help maximize your marketing success, such as using trending hashtags, researching the best times to post a Tweet, and adding images. With over 300 million users, there are plenty of customers to be gained.
  2. YouTube: Although many may not think of YouTube as a social media platform, it certainly should be categorized as such. Think about it — YouTube has user submitted content, messaging, sharing, “Likes”, subscribers, etc. YouTube is a great option for businesses looking to share video content to spread their brand. It has been shown that quicker videos are more effective, so try to keep it under 3 minutes, if possible. One of the great things about marketing businesses via YouTube is that YouTube videos are prominently featured in the search results generated by Google. 3.25 billion hours worth of YouTube videos are watched each month, which speaks for itself.

How to Add Social Media Like and Share Buttons to Your Site

Social media is an extremely effective means to advancing your marketing content. Therefore, any way of spreading your site to the abundance of social media users will greatly benefit your business. Below, we’ll explain the specifics of how and why to add  certain social media buttons to your site.

Understanding the various social media buttons

While any social media button can be effective in increasing the popularity of your site, it’s important to know the difference between each. With this knowledge, you can be more effective with your marketing strategies. These buttons are essential to spreading content and creating followers for your site/business.

You can put these buttons wherever you’d like on your website, but it is recommended to place them in your ‘About Us’ page, as well as the sidebar/homepage. This way, people are more likely to see them.

Social Media Buttons for Twitter

Follow Button

By adding this button to your site, a person can follow your business’s Twitter account with a simple click. From there, you increase the chance of them being a repeat customer, and add the potential for them to spread your business to all of their Followers as well. Add this button by visiting Next, opt for customization of the button’s featured account, language, and size. Finally, you simply need to copy and paste the generated HTML code to the place on your website  that you wish the button to appear.

Share button

This button gives site guests the option to share your content with their Followers, which, of course, is great for business. They can share all kinds of things, including blog entries, points of arrival, site pages, etc. Adding a Twitter Share Button to your site is one of the best ways to extend your business’s reach.

To add a Share Button, simply visit From there, you can modify the look of the button, the URL, and the choice to include a via attribution, @mention, or hash tag. It is recommended that you add your organization’s Twitter username in order to expand your following. Once altered, paste the HTML code to your site and the button will be added.

Social Media Buttons for Facebook

Like Button

Facebook’s Like Button gives site visitors the option to support and follow your business. Whenever someone Likes your page, future posts will show up on their Facebook newsfeed, so you can generate far more followers. Furthermore, Facebook Friends of the person who Liked your page can see this activity on their Facebook newsfeeds as well.

To add a Facebook Like Button, visit /like-button. From there, you can modify the Like Button, and copy and paste the code to your site.

Facebook Share Button

Facebook’s Share Button is similar to the Like Button in the sense that it shares your substance with their Facebook Friends, but there are some differences to consider. First of all, when a person shares a post, it will stay on their Facebook Timeline, making it more permanent. Also, Sharing creates a post that gives them and their Friends a chance to comment back and forth on the subject. This can be great for keeping your content in people’s newsfeeds, as well as drawing more attention to your site. This button additionally permits them to share the substance in different ways – i.e. Facebook Groups and Facebook Messages.…