Top Social Media Websites for Businesses

Social media is now one the best ways to market your business, but which site(s) should you choose? Each social media platform is different, so it can vary depending on your business. Below, we will go over the top four social media websites for effectively  marketing businesses.

  1. Instagram: Despite not having nearly as many users as Facebook, Instagram still hits number one on our list. Why? Well, since Instagram is the most photo/video-oriented social media platform, it’s easy for a business to make a quick pitch or an eye-grabbing visual. It’s particularly useful for companies in the food, fashion, or lifestyle industries. In 2016, Instagram started a shopping trial period, allowing people to shop straight from their Instagram feed. Being the best platform to catch people’s attention with visual content isn’t the only reason that Instagram earns the #1 spot. Using hashtags is another great way to market your business on Instagram. If your business is somehow relevant to hashtags that are currently trending, you are sure to be discovered by many new people.

2.Facebook: With over 1.5 billion users, it’s obvious that marketing on Facebook has great potential to grow the popularity of your business. Facebook has developed many new features over the years, which continue to benefit marketers. The addition of the “Like”  button allows people to see what their peers are interested in, since the “Liked” page will pop-up on their friends’ Facebook newsfeeds. Furthermore, every time a user is compelled to “Share” a post or page, they expose this post or page to hundreds of their Facebook friends. With a Facebook page for your business, you can interact with customers, post information about your business, and build a large following. Whenever someone “Likes” your page, future posts will be shown on their newsfeed. On top of all of this, advertising on Facebook costs less than many of the other social media platforms.

  1. Twitter: Due to retweets, hashtags, and the simplicity of “following”, Twitter has the potential to spread your business like wildfire. It is effective for small start-ups and multinational companies alike. With Twitter, businesses are able to communicate directly with their customers and potential stakeholders. The Twitter page allows businesses to summarize what they are all about, and they can keep everyone up to date by posting daily Tweets. There are quite a few tricks to help maximize your marketing success, such as using trending hashtags, researching the best times to post a Tweet, and adding images. With over 300 million users, there are plenty of customers to be gained.
  2. YouTube: Although many may not think of YouTube as a social media platform, it certainly should be categorized as such. Think about it — YouTube has user submitted content, messaging, sharing, “Likes”, subscribers, etc. YouTube is a great option for businesses looking to share video content to spread their brand. It has been shown that quicker videos are more effective, so try to keep it under 3 minutes, if possible. One of the great things about marketing businesses via YouTube is that YouTube videos are prominently featured in the search results generated by Google. 3.25 billion hours worth of YouTube videos are watched each month, which speaks for itself.

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