How to Add Social Media Like and Share Buttons to Your Site

Social media is an extremely effective means to advancing your marketing content. Therefore, any way of spreading your site to the abundance of social media users will greatly benefit your business. Below, we’ll explain the specifics of how and why to add  certain social media buttons to your site.

Understanding the various social media buttons

While any social media button can be effective in increasing the popularity of your site, it’s important to know the difference between each. With this knowledge, you can be more effective with your marketing strategies. These buttons are essential to spreading content and creating followers for your site/business.

You can put these buttons wherever you’d like on your website, but it is recommended to place them in your ‘About Us’ page, as well as the sidebar/homepage. This way, people are more likely to see them.

Social Media Buttons for Twitter

Follow Button

By adding this button to your site, a person can follow your business’s Twitter account with a simple click. From there, you increase the chance of them being a repeat customer, and add the potential for them to spread your business to all of their Followers as well. Add this button by visiting Next, opt for customization of the button’s featured account, language, and size. Finally, you simply need to copy and paste the generated HTML code to the place on your website  that you wish the button to appear.

Share button

This button gives site guests the option to share your content with their Followers, which, of course, is great for business. They can share all kinds of things, including blog entries, points of arrival, site pages, etc. Adding a Twitter Share Button to your site is one of the best ways to extend your business’s reach.

To add a Share Button, simply visit From there, you can modify the look of the button, the URL, and the choice to include a via attribution, @mention, or hash tag. It is recommended that you add your organization’s Twitter username in order to expand your following. Once altered, paste the HTML code to your site and the button will be added.

Social Media Buttons for Facebook

Like Button

Facebook’s Like Button gives site visitors the option to support and follow your business. Whenever someone Likes your page, future posts will show up on their Facebook newsfeed, so you can generate far more followers. Furthermore, Facebook Friends of the person who Liked your page can see this activity on their Facebook newsfeeds as well.

To add a Facebook Like Button, visit /like-button. From there, you can modify the Like Button, and copy and paste the code to your site.

Facebook Share Button

Facebook’s Share Button is similar to the Like Button in the sense that it shares your substance with their Facebook Friends, but there are some differences to consider. First of all, when a person shares a post, it will stay on their Facebook Timeline, making it more permanent. Also, Sharing creates a post that gives them and their Friends a chance to comment back and forth on the subject. This can be great for keeping your content in people’s newsfeeds, as well as drawing more attention to your site. This button additionally permits them to share the substance in different ways – i.e. Facebook Groups and Facebook Messages.

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